May 26, 2024

How Workist's Head of People effortlessly manages their IT with deeploi.

Discover how partnering with deeploi transformed Workist's IT operations and enabled their Head of People & Culture to regain focus on her main responsibilities.

Written by
Lars Bartsch

Executive Summary

Workist faced several IT challenges as it expanded to 50 employees without a dedicated IT team. Miriam, the Head of People & Culture, took on IT tasks in addition to her main role to support the CTO together with Office Management. By partnering with deeploi, Workist introduced best-practice IT tooling and expert IT support, greatly easing Miriam’s workload and enhancing IT operations. The partnership boosted productivity and employee satisfaction, demonstrating the benefits of outsourcing to specialized IT partners like deeploi. For example, it eases the burden on HR leaders like Miriam enabling them to focus on their core responsibilities and scale their business efficiently and securely.

IT Challenges

After Workist scaled to 50 employees in a short period of time, the company realized gaps in their IT infrastructure and operations. As the company had not hired a dedicated IT admin, the People team had to step up. Miriam, Head of People& Culture, was in charge of setting up laptops, creating email accounts, and acting as IT support – in parallel to her demanding leadership role. This caused the following challenges:

#Problem 1: Handling a company’s entire IT is a full-time job, requires expertise, and cannot be done alongside other duties.

Miriam unexpectedly found herself responsible for managing several IT processes, a task that required a lot of her time and energy alongside her main duties – without having an IT background. Trying to handle the IT on top of everything else became a burden and distraction. It was almost impossible to allocate enough attention to IT, creating the need for a dedicated IT function.

#Problem 2: Being responsible for fixing devices and solving IT questions, can be challenging especially if you have little to no IT background.

As part of her assisting IT role, Miriam was also often the main contact person for IT issues at Workist. As a result, employees turned to Miriam with technical questions or problems. Put yourself in Miriam's shoes: you joined a company to build a stellar team and follow your passion and are now the first go-to person to assist with fixing laptops. It is hard to imagine that this set up is efficient, enjoyable, and sustainable in the long term.

#Problem 3: A lack of transparency about company devices led to productivity losses at Workist.

Miriam made it her goal to create transparency over all devices, including their status, ownership, and replacement needs. Therefore, she and her team recorded the device details manually in a spreadsheet, which was very time-consuming. Also, devices were required to be up-to-date and high-performing. However, without a clear overview or remote control, it was impossible to monitor performance or manage software updates. As a consequence, employees used slow and outdated devices, posing risks to company data and productivity.

#Problem 4: Onboarding and offboarding new employees was a new challenge every month.

Another difficulty Workist faced was effectively managing the onboarding and offboarding of employees. What used to be a simple task when the company was smaller has taken up more time than expected. Every new employee that was hired created more work for Miriam and her team. Besides ordering new laptops, they had to manually set up logins and make sure all the necessary tools and software were installed. On the first day, Miriam spent one hour with each new hire to set up everything. Offboarding was equally complicated, especially keeping devices and accounts secure.

Workist teaming up with deeploi

Trying to solve the problems mentioned above, Workist found deeploi to be their ideal partner. In the initial rollout phase, deeploi introduced several powerful tools: A Mobile Device Management system now automates the enrollment, management, and security of corporate devices such as laptops, saving time and resources. A cybersecurity tool protects devices from attacks, finds and prevents vulnerabilities. The ticketing tool became the easy access for employees to quickly reach the deeploi IT support. In addition, Workist’s HRIS system Personio was connected to the deeploi platform.

After the basic infrastructure was set up, all devices were enrolled in the deeploi platform, making their management easy and automated. Using the deeploi platform, Miriam configured software bundles to automate software deployment and patching. As a last step in the onboarding, deeploi helped Miriam to optimize the employee onboarding process, including the configuration of the Apple Business Manager. During the rollout phase and beyond, Workist has a dedicated Account Manager assisting with all queries.

Achieved results with deeploi

#Result 1: Since teaming up with deeploi, Miriam has been able to step back from several IT topics and can focus on her actual tasks again.

Comparing her situation today with before, Miriam primarily recognizes the benefit of having an experienced partner on her side. Problems that she had previously solved together with the CTO and Office Management are now solved by experts, from simple problems with M365 to difficult choices around compliance. Working with deeploi has not only freed up Miriam’s schedule, also her satisfaction with the overall IT has doubled.

#Result 2: Experienced IT Support and clear communication channel for all employees.

deeploi’s specialized IT support is available to answer technical questions and fix IT problems. Employees who have a technical question receive an answer within 30 minutes, without wasting Miriam’s time.

#Result 3: With deeploi, Miriam has created transparency in the company’s IT and easily ensures that hardware is always up-to-date.

Implementing the MDM has automated inventory management. Miriam now has a clear overview in the deeploi platform where she can view all used and unused laptops, their serial numbers, and other relevant stats. Using deeploi’s software bundles, Miriam has also automated software and patch management in the platform, minimizing her operational overhead.

#Result 4: Per onboarding, Workist saves at least one hour.

Workist has optimized its onboarding process, saving up to 2 hours per onboarding for new employees and HR alike. deeploi installs the right software and tools according to Workist’s templates. So instead of spending the first hour with every new joiner setting up their IT, Miriam can use this hour to talk about important company matters, such as values and culture.

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Client Overview – About Workist

Workist was founded in Berlin in 2019 and has quickly grown into a team of over 50 professionals. Founded by Alexander Müller, Tim Wegner, and Fabian Brosig, Workist aims to revolutionize B2B transactions worldwide by automating manual document processing. With its innovative, AI-based SaaS solution, Workist seamlessly extracts, validates, and integrates data from various documents, such as PDF and Excel files. As a result, it minimizes repetitive workloads and processes and increases the efficiency of companies worldwide.

·     Client since: May 2023

·     Industry: Software Development

·     Location: Berlin

·     Employees Supported: 48

·     Devices Supported: 84

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