This is IT.

We are building Europe’s #1 IT Operating System to turn the working world’s IT pain into peace. Once and for all.

Experience IT
as it should be.

Support & Service

Simplify IT management with centralized control and comprehensive visibility.

Reduce the risk of incidents through best practice security setup and monitoring of IT assets.

Immediately resolve IT problems with unlimited on-demand support from our hands-on experts.

Trusted by smart companies

Employee On- & 

Create a seamless experience for employers and employees by integrating HRIS data, pre-defining IT setups per team, and trusting us to do the rest.

Service & Support

Minimize the risk of disruption or downtime. Our experienced support is here to save the day whenever you need it.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Rely on a state-of-the-art security setup. Together with experienced partners, we identify and solve vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

Employee & Device Management

Our platform allows you to monitor IT operations, remotely manage devices, define software policies, and gain real-time transparency into your IT landscape.

Great IT is no luxury

Monthly Subscription
39€ / employee
Employee On- & Offboarding
Service & Premium Support
Cybersecurity & Compliance
Employee & Device Management
Add On’s
Network Management
Device Storage & Refurbishment
Managed Backup

Our Partners

Manage all your devices and software in one place

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IT as a service,
not as a struggle.

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