September 5, 2023

How adamicus reduced time spent on IT administration by 80%

Learn how the marketing agency adamicus streamlined their IT operations with deeploi.

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Anne Jornod

Executive summary

adamicus, a leading digital marketing agency in Munich, faced operational inefficiencies caused by decentralized IT administration and disorganized mobile device and user management. Partnering with deeploi enabled adamicus to adopt a professional IT setup with streamlined processes and sophisticated mobile device management. To date, adamicus has achieved time savings of 80% on general IT administration, and their devices are now ready to be used by new employees 50% faster.

IT problems before deeploi

In the past, adamicus’ IT landscape was characterized by decentralized administration and inadequate user management policies. The burden of device management, IT issues, and software installations was placed upon management, limiting their capacity to focus on essential strategic tasks. Moreover, as each team within the agency required different tools for their daily work, the task of setting up and keeping all applications up to date demanded substantial organizational effort and time investments.

This scattered IT architecture frequently led to time lags, disrupted workflows and consequently affected client projects. Boris, team lead for multimedia content, remarked on the inefficiency:

As their disorganized IT setup was affecting operational efficiency, adamicus made the strategic decision to collaborate with deeploi to streamline their IT infrastructure.

Each team in the agency required different tools for their daily work, making it a tedious job to set up and keep all applications up to date. With their new, streamlined user management protocol, adamicus can look forward to a more efficient and effective IT structure that allows their management team to focus on innovation and growth.

Achieved results with deeploi

80% reduction in time spent on IT administration through centralized device management

By setting up a professional IT process and providing dedicated expert support, deeploi has transformed the way in which adamicus' device management inquiries are handled. deeploi presents a centralized point of contact for IT related questions, replacing the previous fragmented coordination. In doing so, adamicus achieved an 80% reduction in time spent on IT administration tasks, freeing up valuable time for adamicus' management team. 

Stefan, CEO of adamicus, highlights the significance of deeploi's seamless IT orchestration that goes on behind the scenes, allowing his team to concentrate on their core responsibilities. He mentioned:

50% faster device setup with employee device software bundles

The adoption of deeploi’s pre-configurable software packages expedited device setup by 50%. These customizable bundles encompass choices of hardware, SaaS licenses and software to streamline the deployment process significantly. This ensures quick and efficient provisioning of devices and software for each team.

30% cost savings with cloud telecommunication and faster data availability using LDAP

In addition to centralizing adamicus’ overall IT administration and optimizing device management, deeploi handled a variety of adamicus' other IT tasks. As such, cloud telecommunication adoption, overseen by deeploi's IT experts, led to an additional 30% cost reduction. Also, clear and streamlined user structures were implemented, enhancing both access management and security protocols. Furthermore, by leveraging user rights management through LDAP, adamicus experienced a marked acceleration in data availability, leading to heightened workflow speed.

About adamicus

Founded in 2004, adamicus is a well-established digital marketing agency headquartered in Munich. With a team of 30 experts, adamicus specializes in comprehensive e-commerce strategies and digital marketing services including SEO, SEA, affiliate marketing and CRM across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region.

With years of experience in the field, adamicus has proven to be a reliable partner for businesses seeking to leverage digital marketing for growth. Through their innovative strategies and invaluable expertise, adamicus takes clients to the next level.

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