June 18, 2024

deeploi and Kertos join forces to accelerate compliance and boost IT efficiency

The partnership will allow businesses to achieve essential certifications, such as ISO27001 or TISAX, more swiftly and effortlessly.

Written by
Leonard Wolters

deeploi, a leading provider of IT-as-a-Service solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and Kertos, a pioneer in streamlined compliance and audit processes, are excited to announce their strategic partnership aimed at enhancing compliance and IT operations for businesses across Europe.

Their collaboration brings together deeploi’s comprehensive IT management platform with Kertos’ innovative compliance solution, creating a powerful synergy that simplifies and accelerates the path to key certifications such as ISO 27001. Together, deeploi and Kertos will provide a seamless and efficient approach to compliance, enabling companies to stay focused on growth and innovation.

Enhanced Compliance and IT Services

In 2024, European legislation is tightening the regulatory framework for companies in the EU as a result of the dynamically changing geopolitical landscape. New information security requirements, above all NIS2, are pushing companies of all sizes to professionalize their IT processes and take IT security seriously. 

Kertos and deeploi are the perfect partners for companies working towards compliant operations.

Kertos' no-code solution empowers companies to easily automate their information security and data protection processes.

deeploi’s IT management service provides crucial infrastructure required to fulfill mandatory and complex controls, such as remote lock and wipe capabilities, inventory management, or encryption.

A Faster Path to Certification

The new partnership has already helped companies to achieve ISO27001 certification. The latest example, GAIA Technologies, achieved the milestone within just 10 weeks. Without Kertos and deeploi, the process typically takes anywhere between 8 and 15 months. In the future, more of Kertos' and deeploi's customers will profit from their shared expertise and synchronized processes, as well as experiencing financial benefits.

deeploi and Kertos offer customers beneficial prices when opting to work with both partners. If your business is looking to secure and certify their operations, reach out for an initial assessment call.

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