November 15, 2023

Why Zero-Touch Deployment revolutionizes employee onboarding

Zero-Touch Deployment is fundamentally changing the way we onboard employees smoothly. Let’s dive deeper into the advantages of Zero-Touch Deployment to discover how it can transform your employee onboarding process.

Written by
Anne Jornod

4 Benefits of using Zero-Touch Deployment during your employee onboarding process.

Automation reduces time & effort spent on IT

Imagine setting up devices for your new employees without the need for physical contact or manual intervention. Zero-Touch Deployment makes this possible. By automating the installation and configuration of software and applications, it eliminates the risk of setup errors and saves valuable time. This not only frees up your IT team from boring and time-consuming tasks but also reduces the chances of human errors that can lead to operational disruptions.

Consider a scenario where you're onboarding several new employees starting in different offices. With Zero-Touch Deployment, each device can be set up remotely with a few clicks by installing and configuring software and applications without physical contact, replacing the manual setup of each device.

Scalability made easy

Traditional onboarding processes often require IT teams to physically set up each employee's device, which can become a bottleneck as your organization expands. With Zero-Touch Deployment, you can effortlessly scale your onboarding process, ensuring that each new hire receives a fully configured device promptly. As your company continues to grow and onboard new talent, you can easily replicate this process without overwhelming your IT team, even if you're onboarding hundreds of employees on the same day. You can rely on a standardized and consistent onboarding process for each new employee, regardless of the scale. As such, you can maintain the same level of efficiency and consistency no matter how many devices you need to deploy.

Smooth onboarding process for new hires

Traditionally, setting up devices for new employees could be a time-consuming process that might require them to wait for access. Zero-Touch Deployment changes this. With remote device configuration, new hires can start using their devices immediately on their first day, no matter their geographic location and whether they are working from home or the office. This seamless onboarding experience helps your employees to become productive right from day one, boosting overall efficiency.

Enhanced security & compliance

Security and compliance are critical in today's data-driven world. Zero-Touch Deployment plays an important role in enhancing both. By implementing standardized configurations and guidelines company-wide, it ensures that your organization complies with policies and regulations. Moreover, it reduces the risk of errors and strengthens security by consistently applying security settings across all devices.

Imagine a situation where your organization needs to adhere to industry-specific regulations or data protection laws. Zero-Touch Deployment ensures that every device is configured to meet these requirements, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.


By streamlining the employee onboarding process, boosting efficiency and enhancing security and compliance, Zero-Touch Deployment offers a comprehensive solution for modern businesses. If you're ready to experience the future of device deployment and implement Zero-Touch Deployment, check out deeploi’s comprehensive IT solution.

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