January 24, 2024

deeploi raises €6M to boost businesses through smarter IT management

We announce our latest financing round led by Atomico, fueling our growth and ambitions for the years to come.

Written by
Leonard Wolters

Berlin, Germany, Jan 24, 2024 -  Berlin-based deeploi, the developers of an all-in-one comprehensive IT management platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), announces the closure of its €6M Seed funding round today. The round was led by European VC Atomico with participation from existing investor Cherry Ventures.  Since deeploi’s €3M pre-Seed round in March 2023, the business has grown rapidly, acquiring 30+ customers and scaling to over 20 employees across two offices. As part of this round, Atomico Partner Andreas Helbig will join the deeploi board.

Every business needs effective IT, with cyberattacks on the rise and data breaches becoming increasingly costly to manage. However, the IT domain has been chronically underserved by existing solutions — they only solve one part of the problem (like Mobile Device Management), and are made for professional, full-time IT admins. As a result SMEs, who typically do not yet have capacity or resource to hire a dedicated IT function, face significant friction, security risks and expense in managing their tech stack. These IT management duties are falling to nonspecialists, whose primary responsibilities lie elsewhere. According to Atomico's analysis, 60% of the 550,000 SMEs with 20-150 FTEs in Germany alone rely on these non-experts, who struggle to navigate the plethora of existing tools as IT becomes increasingly complex.

deeploi ‘s bespoke platform covers the whole IT department, streamlining everything from on- and offboarding and device management to compliance and cybersecurity. Existing users of the platform report cutting onboarding times from hours to minutes, and estimate that they spend 80% less time on IT overall. deeploi’s team also provides expert support to respond to ticket issues in under 30 minutes.

“For businesses without a specialist IT function and the “accidental IT admin” left to fill in, it can be a struggle just to ensure everyone’s laptop, software and security is up to scratch”, says deeploi co-founder Julian Lübke. “Automating these tasks saves businesses time and money, boosting productivity and growth.”

Philipp Hoffman, deeploi co-founder, added “As the provider of IT management services in a past life, I saw how much stress IT management could cause and how much resource it consumed. But good IT is what keeps businesses running in the modern world. So I’m proud that we’re able to offer a holistic product that cuts costs - not quality.”

Atomico Partner, Andreas Helbig says “Simple and safe IT management is mission-critical for all businesses. The status quo, where SMEs either have to outsource to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or overwhelm and overburden their “accidental IT owner”, can’t be the future. Both founders of deeploi have known this problem first-hand: Julian through his experience of scaling businesses like McMakler and Philipp as the owner of an MSP, where he saw what was missing from the industry. We have been massively impressed by what they have built in not even a year since founding the company, and couldn’t be happier that they picked Atomico to be a partner on their journey.”

This latest funding round will go towards the expansion of deeploi’s product and engineering, IT support and Go-to-Market teams, and further developing the platform to fit the tech stacks of the modern, cloud-native companies deeploi serves.

About deeploi

deeploi provides businesses with affordable, efficient and secure IT. Its comprehensive, all-in-one management platform and expert team take care of all your IT needs, streamlining everything from on & off-boarding and device management to cybersecurity and compliance. deeploi was founded by Julian Lübke and Philipp Hoffman in 2023, and is backed by leading European investors including Atomico and Cherry Ventures. The company is headquartered in Berlin. The two founders combined their complementary experiences of scaling businesses and IT management services to create deeploi, the bespoke solution for companies without the time, budget, or know-how to set up and maintain their own enterprise-class IT.

About Atomico

Atomico invests in ambitious tech founders from Seed through to IPO with a particular focus on Europe, leveraging deep operational experience to supercharge their growth. Founded in 2006, Atomico has partnered with over 100 ambitious teams - including those at Klarna, Supercell, Graphcore, Compass, MessageBird, Masterclass, Attentive Mobile, Pipedrive and Hinge Health. Atomico’s team of founders, investors and operational leaders have been responsible for global expansion, hiring and marketing at companies from Skype and Google to Twitter and Uber. The firm currently has $5B in assets under management.

About Cherry Ventures 

Cherry Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm led by a team of entrepreneurs with experience building fast-scaling companies such as Zalando and Spotify. The firm backs Europe's boldest founders, usually as their first institutional investor, and supports them in everything from their go-to-market strategy, scaling of their business, and team formation across all crucial stages in their journey. Cherry Ventures has previously invested in the pre-seed and seed stages of over 100 companies across Europe, including FlixBus, Auto1 Group, Flaschenpost, Moss, The Exploration Company, Forto, SellerX, and Juni. With operations and investors in Berlin, London, and Stockholm, Cherry Ventures invests across Europe and across industries.

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