August 29, 2023

3 reasons why smart companies use an MDM System

Mobile Device Management is a crucial component of any best-practice IT setup that many IT owners have never heard of. In this blog, deeploi co-founder Philipp describes the benefits an MDM can bring to modern companies.

Written by
Anne Jornod

What is an MDM System?

With remote work becoming the new normal, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have become crucial assets that companies rely on to ensure productivity. With this dependence on mobile devices, also the need for effective device management and the safeguarding of sensitive data has increased drastically.

This is where a Mobile Device Management (MDM) System steps in. It enables you to remotely enroll, configure, secure and manage IT devices within your company, instead of manually handling them one-by-one. This streamlines operations and enhances security in our increasingly mobile-driven work environment.

3 benefits of using an MDM System

#1 Time and resource savings on IT administration

Tedious processes such as setting up new devices are automated through zero-touch deployment, enabling remote device configuration with just a few clicks, saving hours or even days of individual setup time. Also, software updates and applications can be deployed on multiple devices simultaneously, rather than manually updating each device one by one.

#2 Simplified device management and enhanced IT asset utilization

It can be overwhelming to monitor the vast amount of devices, applications, tools, and operating systems used in a company. With an MDM System, this turns out to be easy. It offers a complete overview of all desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones, gives access to device insights and allows tracking inventory, its condition and operational status, ensuring optimal IT asset utilization.

#3 Robust security enforcement and data protection

Maintaining security across a diverse range of devices is challenging. To guarantee compliance and protect company data as well as IT devices, organization-wide security standards can be provisioned and enforced with an MDM. As such, password policies are set, application installations restricted and data encryption enabled. With an MDM, even stolen or lost devices can be locked and wiped from a distance to protect sensitive company data.

Downsides of MDM Systems

Unfortunately, MDM Systems are not one-size-fits-all solutions. The systems are product-specific, varying, for example, between Mac and Windows devices. Also, effective MDM System management demands a high level of technical expertise. IT administrators responsible for the systems need to possess in-depth knowledge about device configurations, security protocols and software deployment. Without adequate expertise, the risk of misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities can arise. On top of that, high costs for licensing accrue, particularly when numerous devices are to be managed.


It becomes clear that an MDM System is not just a convenience but a critical asset for any organization operating in the digital age. By simplifying and streamlining device management, offering transparent insights and removing security risks from your organization, it empowers your company to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of remote work and mobile technology. However, it is also crucial to acknowledge the complexities of MDM Systems, their administration and the potential financial burden posed by high licensing fees.

That’s where deeploi comes in: deeploi offers an all-in-one IT solution with embedded MDM System, including its professional management and licensing provisions. Book your demo today to learn more about how deeploi can empower your company's digital journey.

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