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Your IT issues are our issues. Our team of experienced and specialized IT experts is here to help. deeploi is the IT team your employees can always turn to in times of need.

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Experienced IT support
at your fingertips

Count on skilled IT specialists to swiftly and sustainably solve your employees' IT issues. Our shared goal is to establish a best practice IT setup. We address problems long-term, prioritizing deep solutions over repeating ticket requests.

Quick response to IT related problems for all employees
Support on strategic decisions based on best-practice experience
Our IT experts are your new “colleagues”

Unlimited & on-demand
IT support

We provide no limit to the amount of tickets and never bill per support hour. This aligns with our shared goal to ensure the highest quality IT setup at your company.

Quick response, quick solution, long-term relief

Our IT support is fast and tackles your issues thoroughly to minimize future obstacles. Our goal: Optimizing your IT experience and providing a setup that avoids problems in the first place.

Single point of contact for all IT-related issues

Our IT experts are your company's new IT colleagues. Your employees directly raise issues with us and we take care of the rest. Easy communication channels, clear responsibilities.

Modern communication channels for modern companies

Communication is tailored to your company's needs. Our Helpdesk is just a Slack or Teams message away.

It is such a relieving feeling to know that we can rely on the fantastic deeploi team for all our IT issues.

Enrico Ohnemüller
Co-Founder, bunch