Experienced IT support for all employees. No limits.

Your employees lose hours of valuable time every week to IT problems. From password loss to hardware defects, many things can go wrong in the modern working world.
With our team of experienced and specialized IT experts on your side, you reduce issues and improve productivity instantly.

Certified for

Specialized IT experts
at your fingertips

Our skilled IT experts swiftly and sustainably solve your employees' IT issues. The shared goal is to establish a best practice IT setup with you. We address problems long-term, prioritizing deep solutions over repeated ticket requests.

Quick response to IT-related problems for all employees
Support with strategic decisions based on best practice experience
Specialized experts for various software and hardware

Our support knows no end

You have no limit on the amount of tickets and we never bill per support hour.

Quick response, long-term relief

Our helpdesk responds quickly and stays on your side until the issue is fully and sustainably solved.

Single point of contact for all IT requests

Your employees raise all IT issues with us directly and we take it from there. Easy communication channels, clear responsibilities, fast solutions.

Modern communication channels for modern companies

Communication is tailored to your company's needs. Our Helpdesk is just a Slack or Teams message away.

deeploi's IT support is
simply priceless.

Miriam Schild
Head of People & Culture