Effortless inventory &
device management

Organizing and managing your IT can be a nightmare. Undefined policies, complex tools, and limited in-house expertise create chaos and risk. Our user-friendly platform makes IT management easy. Flexibly interact with devices, configure & enforce policies, and track IT asset ownership.

Together with

Manage all devices in one platform

Stay in control of IT assets, flexibly interact with devices via MDM, and organize relevant device insights.

Get a complete overview of devices and ownership
Use MDM functions more simply than ever before
Retrieve device specs and history on-demand

View all employees and their IT assets in a transparent overview

Through automated data synchronization with your HR software, IT-relevant data is automatically updated, eliminating the risk of errors and the need for manual input.

Integrate almost any HR software to import employee data
Link employees and their IT assets to create a holistic overview and track ownership responsibility

Automate software & patch management

Our system scans for updates and patches every 24h, then installs them remotely to ensure a secure and always up-to-date IT setup in your company.

Enforce best practice device configurations

Set, manage, and implement various security and configuration settings, such as password guidelines or software restrictions.

Access company-specific app store

Provide employees with a catalogue of pre-configured and approved applications. Create a seamless experience for employees without compromising security standards.

“Enrolling new software or pushing policies across our company has never been easier. No need to patch manually, it’s just done.”

Florian Gandl
Team Lead IT Operations, reCup